Dr. Jean-Jacques Dugoua Naturopathic Doctor PhD in Pharmacy

Feeling and looking young forever: an anti-aging update

By Dr. JJ Dugoua ND PhD



Ask yourself two important questions:

  1. To what age do you want to live to?
  2.  How healthy do you want to be when you grow older? 



The answer to these questions will determine what steps you should take towards developing your own anti-aging program.



If you were to compile all the disorders of aging, some would characterize aging as a degenerative disease.  Age affects body function, body appearance and increases your susceptibility to diseases. You cannot stop time, but you can take action now to healthy aging and the prevention of diseases.  We will discuss an anti-aging package of health including modifications to lifestyle and diet, exercise, attitude, vitamins and supplements, cosmetic acupuncture and laboratory screening tools.