Dr. Jean-Jacques Dugoua Naturopathic Doctor PhD in Pharmacy

Evidence-based overview of the top-selling natural products

By Dr. JJ Dugoua ND PhD



In 2010, the top selling dietary supplements were cranberry, soy, saw palmetto, garlic, ginkgo, echinacea, milkthistle, St John’s wort, ginseng and black cohosh.  Add to this list omega 3 fish oils, vitamin D, probiotics, glucosamine sulfate and other high volume dietary supplements www.lovebabyok.org.



The purpose of this talk is to present an overview of the common clinical uses of these top-selling supplements, their pharmacology, dosing, adverse effects and drug interactions.  This session can be tailored in length and in depth depending on the target audience, ranging from store clerks (overview) to pharmacists (extensive overview).