Dr. Jean-Jacques Dugoua Naturopathic Doctor PhD in Pharmacy

Natural supplements in pregnancy and breastfeeding

By Dr. JJ Dugoua ND PhD



It is believed that natural health product (NHP) use by pregnant and breastfeeding women is quite common where one study reported herbal medicine use during pregnancy at 7% to 55%. In a study on the pharmaceutical drug use of 295 pregnant women, 37% of these women reported non-compliance with their existing drug regimen due to hesitations on drug use during pregnancy.  For many women, NHPs may seem a reasonable alternative to pharmaceutical drugs as natural medicines are often regarded as “safe”.  Unfortunately, safety information is lacking for a large proportion of herbs, supplements and other NHPs.



The scientific literature was systematically reviewed for fake rolex watches evidence of efficacy or harm for NHPs during pregnancy and lactation.



Contraindicated NHPs in pregnancy will be discussed.  NHPs that improve pregnancy outcomes will be discussed along with their pharmacology and dosing schedule.  NHPs with unknown safety data will also be discussed.



Clinically, certain NHPs have been shown to reduce the risk of preterm delivery, miscarriage, premature rupture of the membranes, use of vacuum or forceps extraction, while others have been shown to facilitate labour.  When ingested by the pregnant mother, certain NHPs have been shown to decrease the risk of atopic disease (eczema, asthma and allergies) in infants and newborns and improve IQ and cognitive function.